Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Dead are Not Dead, or The Dead Return

After I bought the house and moved in, I found out that a woman had died at the kitchen table only a few months before. Now I’m not a superstitious person, or one that even conciders that there may be ghosts. Haunted houses are just stories to frighten children on Halloween. Aren’t they?

After I got settled in, I heard feint noises, only to discover they were mice in the walls. And yet sometimes the noises were too loud for a mouse. Some of them sounded like a dragging sound, like maybe dragging a walker along the hall around the corner. This is a large house, over 4000 sq. ft., and it takes a while to get to were the dragging sound came from. But there was never anything there.

In the night I would wake up to a slight popping sound, like a house makes when it gets really cold outside, you know, 20 below? But it wasn’t that cold.
Then one night at bed time I went to the kitchen sink in the dark to get a drink of water. I noticed the light was on in the sitting room, and a woman in a red robe was in the chair reading! I said under my breath, "What the.......", and strode down the hall and turned the corner toward the sitting room, but the light was off and the chair was empty. WHAT"S GOING ON HERE? My mind was playing tricks on me.

The next morning when I got up and went into the kitchen, I saw something that really made the hair stand up and a shiver go down my spine! The white hand towel was folded very neatly on the kitchen cabinet! I never fold towels! I looked all around, walked to the towel and unfolded it. Yes, it was the one I had used the night before, a little bit dirty from my hands when I dry them after using the kitchen sink. I NEVER FOLD A TOWEL!!! And then a noise startled me and I turned around to see this walker coming at me, thrown by an old lady in a red robe. Her hair was arranged like a helmet. OLD HELMET HEAD! I had heard about her, but I thought she lived some where else.

After I carefully raised my head above the cabinet , I saw the red robed clad ghost going around tidying up the towel and other things I had left a mess. I sure hope the next person who lives here will be neater than me. THERE REALLY ARE GHOSTS!.


Andrea said...

Wow I wish I had a house-cleaning ghost around here. That would be spooktacular!

Pat said...

Yes where can I get one of those neat freak ghosts.

OldBoatGuy said...

Great story, dukdub! It ran chiles up and down my spine! It even had some humor. And it takes a very talented writer to build a story and scare people with 500 words OR LESS! It's kind of like giving a 15 minute prepared talk in Sac Meeting when the previous speaker used all but 3 minutes.

OldBoatGuy said...

Ok, so I rattled my own chain, praised my self and all that falderal! I am dukdub/oldboatguy/Arlon. To keep my true (well slightly not true or slightly not false) story short, I did not give any explanations like others did. So here they are. This is not stated here for sympathetic reasons. These are JUST THE FACTS, MAN.

I am Lisa’s father. A.k.a. Funny Farmer. Her mother and my wife died a year ago September after 10 months suffering from congestive heart failure. She did use a walker. I called the children to come home and they saw her sitting at the kitchen table wearing her favorite red velour robe. They all stayed here that night, and early the next morning, while it was still dark, Lisa went into her mother’s favorite room and sat and read in her mother’s favorite chair wearing her own red robe. An older sister got up and went to the kitchen sink and looked out through the window across the patio and saw the red clad woman. She literally gave a squawk at what she saw. The towel folding was real, and really gave me pause when I saw it there. I fold the towels and things when I take them out of the drier, but I can not remember folding that towel up the night before. So I really studied it and checked to see if it was a dirty towel, or a clean one that I had set out there. It was dirty. She also wore her hair in a unique arraignment and the kids at school (she taught school for 27 years) called her “helmet head”, an endearment she liked. There are noises in this house that I have not heard before, and I have lived here for 43 years. They don’t spook me, and I am working on the mice.

I believe in the spirit world. My wife, who is now there, had at least 7 different encounters with people from the spirit world over a span of 62 years. One of them with an Ouiji board. That was when she knew there was a devil. The others were good spirits, and had messages for her or her relatives. So why wouldn’t she come back to let me know she cared. I just wish she would come and talk to me. Arlon

PS. If this takes away my chance for a prize (the deception, I'm not dukdub.